About Turin

Turin is the Magnificent capital city of the state of Piedmont and it is famous for its outstanding architectural heritage and its mouthwatering cuisine. The old Baroque buildings and antique cafes add heritage to the city of Turin, the city also has boulevards and majestic grand squares such as the famous Piazza Castello and many more. There are many places within Turin for you to visit such as the Mole Antonelliana which is the National Cinema Museum, the Basilica of Superga built by King Vittorio Amedeo Roman the Second and many more. The best time to visit Turin is during the season of Spring, despite the weather being really unstable Turin is blissful during this time especially if you intend to watch the famed Torino Jazz Festival or the That's America Festival that happens in the month of March.

Best Time to Visit Turin

Spring - March to May
Spring - March to May

Spring in Turin could be a very different experience as compared to other places as the weather is quite unstable during this time. One day it may be mild and pleasant while the next day can be really chilly and thunderstorms break out all of a sudden in the evenings or afternoons. The temperature during this time hovers between 13°C to 20°C.

Despite the unstable weather this is the best time to visit Turin if you like hiking or you want to attend the famous Torino Jazz Festival or the That's America Festival that happens in March.

Summer  - June to August
Summer - June to August

Summers in Turin are hot and sunny but quite bearable considering that the temperature ranges between 25°C to 28°C. June to August see the warmest temperatures in Turin accompanied by sudden thunderstorms that can occur especially in the evenings so make sure you have an umbrella with you during your visit. This is also the best time to visit Turin for all kinds of outdoor activities and exploring the attractions of the city.

Considered as one of the best time to visit Turin, it is perfect for open air events in the parks or taking part in the Republic Day celebrations on 2nd June. You can also enjoy the lively programs and Bohemian bar hopping along the Po River.

Autumn - September to November
Autumn - September to November

Autumn in Turin is beautiful beyond words with the foliage covered in colorful hues of copper, bronze and red. The temperature is tilting towards cold and chilly and ranges between 23°C to 17°C in the daytime to about 10°C at night.

This is one of the best times to visit Turin Italy as there are many festivals and events that are held during the months of autumn. You can attend the Turin International Street Theatre, Torinodanza Festival, MITO Settembre Musica, National Cabaret Festival and many others as well during this time.

Winter - December to February
Winter - December to February

Turin has a typical European winter with foggy weather and chilly temperatures. January is the coldest month of the year in Turin with temperatures dropping to -2°C at night. It also snows in Turin during winters although not much.

Even though it gets cold during winters, it is still the best time to visit Turin to explore the city’s magnificent palaces and museums. Turin is also a great place to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve as well as the Festival of St. Valentine's.


How many days do you need in Turin Italy?

    In order to explore the best that Turin has to offer, you will need at least three days to visit this beautiful place. If you wish to attend any of the festivals then book your trip according to the dates of these events.

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