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National Automobile Museum of Turin tickets can be booked online through their official website for guaranteed permission into the museum and hassle-free experience. Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile also known as MAUTO opened in the year 1960 was dedicated to Giovani Agnivelli, the founder of Fiat. Use your National Automobile museum tickets to explore around 200+ cars from 80+ different brands. By grabbing a tour of the National automobile museum, you get to see the evolution of cars from over ages dating back to the initiale era of invention. In 2011, the museum was renovated with the intention to make the museum more attractive to the general public. Your tickets allow you to see Vetture Speciali Carrozza di Bordino, 1854 which was built by Virginio Bordino and one of the vintage cars. Another car you will see using your tickets is Benz Motor Velocipede , 1898, this car is 125 years old and a major attraction of the museum. The museum also has an educational space, library and a gift store. 

Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile

Opened in 1960 was dedicated to Giovani Agnivelli, the founder of Fiat, Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile which is also named as MAUTO. It houses around 200+ cars from 80+ different brands.One of the key aspects of the demanded design was to have a multi-functional ground floor for various public services like coffee shops, book shops, reception, and an impressive courtyard if to name a few. The design was created by the winning architect Cino Zucchi. Apart from the automobile collections at Torino Museo Nazionale dell automobile, the skin of the building had also received great attention for its old facade with claddings made with glass panels with different degrees of transparency. While torino museo nazionale dell'automobile you will see a documentation center, car restoration facility, a library, an educational space, and a gift store apart from the ones discussed above.

The Collection

The collection of automobiles at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile ranges from motor cars from the invention period to the present day. The 200 + exhibits inside the museum impart an educative experience, giving elaborate insights into the evolution of cars, their functioning and history. This wide range of collections dating back from the 1850s are nothing less than iconic and this museum of automobile, Turin has also been ranked as one among the top rankings across the world. 

Vetture Speciali Carro a molla di Leonardo, 1478

Vetture Speciali Carro a molla, the cart designed by Leonardo unraveled the path to futuristic automobile agenda. The design of the cart was conceived to animate court parties. The real engines of this cart are stored inside the two wooden drums and the big wooden leaf springs are used to program the vehicle. You could have a close look at this pretty man's big dreams at the National automobile museum.

Vetture Speciali Carrozza di Bordino, 1854

Vetture Speciali Carrozza do Bordino is another famous exhibit and collection at Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile. This was built by Virginio Bordino an officer in Italy’s Royal Engineers and a pioneer of locomotion in Italy, by fitting a two cylinder steam engine, together with a boiler and burner at the back.

Vetture Speciali Triciclo a vapore Pecori, 1891

Vetture Speciali Triciclo was built in the year 1891 by inventor Enrico Pecori. The 2 horizontal cylinder is powered by a boil generator with a concentric hearth. This design had created much of an impact in the earlier years. Get to see this early invention at Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in close proximity.

Bernardi Triciclo 3,5 HP, 1896

Bernardi Triciclo, the pioneer in automobiles, invented the first motor car too. This invention was inclusive of a cylinder with detachable head, overhead valves and a centrifugal inlet valve regulator, constant-level carburettor with float and spray nozzle, incandescent ignition with platinum heat sponge, and geometrically correct steering.

Benz Motor Velocipede, 1898

Benzo Velvo is one of the finest cars introduced by Carl Benz in the 1890s. It was introduced as a follow up to the patent motorwagen. Velocipede by Carl Benz made its debut around 125 years ago in 1894, which was indeed a small light weight car. This motor tricycle with a rear mounted engine is one among the most recognized exhibits while torino museo nazionale dell'automobile.

The History Of the Museum

The establishment of the National Automobile Museum runs back to 1933. Turin national automobile museum's first exhibition of historic cars was flagged by two experts in the field Cesare Goria Gatti and Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia.However, the museum was opened to the public only in the 1960s and later underwent a massive renovation project in the year 2011. The design for the building was selected after hosting an architectural competition. The winning architect Cino Zucchi’s design was taken into execution for building this ever-famous and the oldest of its kind with reputation and automobile exhibits. 

Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile was dedicated to the Founder of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli and the museum also houses a library, a car restoration center, documentation center, an educational space, a book store and a cafe. The major renovation which was started in the year 2004 was aimed at making the museum more attractive to the general public by creating a multi-functional space in the ground floor. During this renovation project, the old facades were replaced with glasses with partial transparency, which in turn created an impact on the overall outlook.

Plan Your Visit

Essential Information
How to Reach
Travel Tips

Opening hour: 10am to 2 pm (Monday)

10 am to 7 pm ( Tuesday to Sunday)

Location: Corso Unità d'Italia 40, 10126 Torino

By Bus: Take a bus from "Fermata 777 - MADAMA CRISTINA to Fermata 2054 or MONCALIERI N.310" followed by a 6-minute walk to the museum. Buses are available every 15 minutes. The journey is of a distance of 4.2 km and it will take around 21 minutes to reach the destination.

By Subway: Take a train from "Metro Porta Nuova to Metro Lingotto" followed by a 9-minute walk to the museum. Trains are available every 5 minutes. The journey is of 4.5 kms and will take around 9 minutes to reach the location

By Taxi: Book a cab or hire a taxi from "Turin to Museo dell'Automobile di Torino". The journey is of a distance of 5.2 km and it will take around 7 minutes to reach the destination.

  • It is suggested to book tickets prior via online to avoid long queues
  • For a group of 15 and 15+ members, it is mandatory to book tickets online prior to the date of visiting
  • The entry to the museum closes one hour before the actual time which is 7 pm and so the admission into the museum will be closed by 6 pm
  • Make sure to visit the education center and documentation center for learning and studying facts and history.
  • The exhibits of the museum are strictly prohibited and violating the rule will lead to sever fine
  • Reading a bit on the museum before visiting the place would be helpful and will add to your increased interest.


Why Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile is so popular?

Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile is so popular as it is one of the oldest museums with a collection of both premium and non-premium brands. In Turin national automobile museum houses 200+cars from 80 different brands.

Are Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile tickets available online?

Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile tickets are available online and the same can be booked in advance. By booking your museo nazionale dell'automobile tickets online, you will be able to skip the long queue and guarantee your permission to the museum.

Do I need to book Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile Tickets in advance?

It is advised to book prior to avoid the long queues, although offline tickets are available too. However, if you are coming in a group of fifteen people or more, it is mandatory to book the tickets online before visiting.

Why Visit Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile?

Visit Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile to witness the different ranges of automobile car collections starting from the 1850s till now. By visiting the national museum, you also get to learn a lot about the car's history and related facts.

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What is in Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile?

National Automobile museum is Italy's one of the most popular tourist attractions housing around 200+ cars from 80+ different brands. Inside the Museo Nazionale dell Automobile, you get to closely see the collection of cars from the time of its invention period till now at its original design.


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