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Look for GAM torino Tickets online and have a fabulous chance of discovering one of Italy's very first museums, that blended the intriguing and thoughtful historical artifacts of modern and rich turin history. Discover the fantastic range of categories that change every month during the museum tour. From prehistoric artifacts to modern day colorful and vibrant exhibits, one can have a fabulous museum tour like never before.

The GAM torino Tickets prices reduced admission for visitors above the age of 65 and for age groups between 18 and 25. Group visit with 20 people, requires advance booking. Also the tourists with Citysightseeing Torino tourist bus ticket holders, have a splendid chance of discovering the museum.

Youth below the age of 18, have free access to Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art tickets. Both public and private school tours require advance booking to visit the museum. The students from fine arts educational institutes, can also be a part of the tour under free admission, and this city also extends to the faculty members.

About GAM torino/ Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

Look for GAM torino Tickets online and get ready to explore one of Italys’ most pristine and thought provoking art museums , which was also a first of its kind to be made in Italy. What makes the art musume so splendid, is its constant efforts in ending the rich historical complements with today’s contemporary thinking into creating awe-inspiring exhibits. The Thai art museum was built in the year 1863, and houses a rich number of bits that range from paintings and sculptures to installations and photographic art. The exquisite drawing and engraving are another exceptional addition to the museum's collection. The museum always hosts plenty of programmes and exhibitions, that highlights the best of creativity for the public. The collections that are present here belong to some of the most renowned artists such as, Fontanesi, Fattori, Pellizza da Volpedo and Medardo Rosso, and the twentieth-century masters, including Morandi, Casorati, Martini and De Pisis.The collections here range from, the exquisite canvas fabric, oil painting, modern art and metal to sculpture and contemporary art. The intriguing number of categories here,will make you wonder about the artists and their imaginative creations. Discover splendid mediums, art movements, historic events and historical figures, and the way the exhibits complement their stories. There are too staggering categories that are a part of your GAM torino Tickets, which throws light on the artifacts that range from prehistoric times to present day, and the color exhibits that guide you through remarkable colorful journeys. There are wonderful themes that change every month and each of them are a perfect example of amusing art and artifacts.

History of GAM Torino

History of GAM Torino

In your GAM torino Tickets you will discover the staggering history of this art museum. Opennd in the year 1863 by Museo Civico, it is one of the many firsts attractions to promote the beauty and thought provoking ideas behind modern and contemporary arts.The first building which housed many beuatiful exhihibts was destroyed in the allied bombings of 1942. Post 1959, Carlo Bassi and Goffredo Boschetti built another beautiful museum in the very same spot.The musume had two floors which you will discover in your GAM torino Tickets. Both the floors, houses exhibit modern contemporary arts that will definitely intrigue you.In the 1980s, the palazzo was discovered as unfit and underwent a reconstruction programme to restore it to appropriate use. It was reorganized again around the themes Infinity, Speed, Ethics and Nature in 2013 to mark the collection's 150th anniversary. Your guided tour visit will provide more such enchanting facts about the building of this art museum.

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Location & Timings
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Location & Timings

Location - Via Magenta, 31, 10128 Torino TO, Italy

Timings:- Opening Hours - Tuesday to Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM (It remains closed on Mondays)

  • Opening Day - Monday closed. Rest all day open

  • Closing Day -Monday


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    Book for Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art tickets and have a splendid chance of discovering the finest in art and sculpture. This museum which we opened in the 19th century, is the first in Italy to blend modern art with historical elements. Tale a tour of the rich exhibit collection and make staggering memories as well.

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