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Turin, also called Torino in Italian, is the fourth-largest city in Italy. Those looking for a green getaway and outdoor fun may not find much buzz here. But Turin finds the sweet spot any time of year for anyone looking for a weekend of urban Italianate living with a provocative dose of inventiveness and curiosity, day or night. Many tourists to Northern Italy frequently skip a visit to Torino in favor of more well-known neighboring cities like Milan or Genoa, despite the fact that it is a little off the typical tourist route. Things to do in Turin have a plethora of history, and offer fantastic food and drink options.

The river Po and Alpine views enhance "The Little Paris'" exquisite Baroque ambiance. Visitors can tour Turin on foot, bicycle, or hop-on, hop-off bus while traveling from Piazza Castello to Piazza San Carlo and along the river, all the while taking in the magnificence of the city's expansive boulevards and opulent residences. Visitors can experience wineries and vineyards and enjoy Barolo and other local wines by taking a half-or full-day journey to the nearby Piedmont wine region.

Things to do in Turin

Explore Palazzo Reale

A stunning structure from the 16th century. The Palace, which has a prominent location in Turin's Piazza Castello and has served as a symbol of authority for hundreds of years, is housed there. A conventional architecture with a square layout and a central courtyard was chosen. The front façade's white brickwork and numerous small decorative windows give the structure a majestic and official appearance. There are numerous ornately furnished rooms within that reflect the taste and beauty of an Italian royal palace. The inside may be seen on guided tours, allowing you to admire spaces like the Daniel Gallery and the Room of the Throne.

Visit Palazzo Madama

The Palazzo Madama is the second palace to be situated in the Piazza Castello, and Turin is full of gilded palaces and historic structures. The ancient palace, erected in the first century BC, stood for hundreds of years during the Roman Empire and underwent significant modifications and additions in the years that followed. The palace's front façade, which faces the Castello Square, has a palisade adorned with statues and a row of elaborate columns. As you ascend the ornately decorated stairs within the palace, you can take in the opulent decadence of the many chambers and corridors.

Admire Mole Antonelliana

The Mole Antonelliana rises above the surrounding skyline and is arguably Turin's most distinctive structure. Its enormous pointed basilica is a symbol of the city. The word "mole" in Italian refers to a monumental structure, and although it appears to be much older, this specific mole was built in 1889. The National Cinema Museum is housed in what was formerly a Jewish synagogue and is now the tallest museum in the world. The Basilica of the structure is illuminated at night and serves as a beacon that can be seen from various locations throughout the city.

Discover Turin Egyptian Museum

Egyptian museum, which is devoted to ancient Egyptian archaeology and history, is a history buff's paradise and has a vast collection of artifacts and displays. The initial collection, which was assembled in 1833 and brought in from other museums, has grown significantly over time. A Sarcophagus of Ibi, several statues of Sekhmet, Seti II, and Ramesses, elaborate papyrus inscriptions filled with hieroglyphics, and common earthenware jugs, among other objects, are notable pieces in the collection. Guided tours are offered to provide a thorough understanding of the particular pieces, or audio guides can be purchased for people who like to go at their own pace.

Visit the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista

The Duomo di Torino is a superb example of Renaissance architecture that was built in 1491 on the site of three earlier churches. This cathedral honors Giovanni Battista, the patron saint of Turin, and is close to the Royal Palace. Many different design elements can be found inside the cathedral, such as some amazing frescos and marble statues of well-known religious personalities. In fact, a separate bell tower stands next to the cathedral, disconnected, and may be scaled for breathtaking views of Turin.

Checkout National Cinema Museum

This museum, which is housed in the magnificent Mole Antonelliana Tower, is one of the most popular in Italy because of its outstanding exhibits and gorgeous setting. The place to be for anything movie and cinema related is here! This enormous collection contains everything from vintage filmmaking equipment like magic lanterns to a huge collection of movie reels, books, props, and other memorabilia. The museum is divided into several genres, such as sci-fi and horror, and it is spread across five separate floors. This is a fantastic place to visit and will offer hours of entertainment and exploration for any movie and theater enthusiast.

Admire Basilica di Superga

The stunning Basilica of Superga can be found if you ascend to the highest point of the Superga mountain range, which is to the east of Turin. The Basilica was built in 1731 and was designed by Filipo Juvarra. It has stunning orange and white design with many columns and elaborate ornamentation. The interior is richly designed with a dome that admits a lot of light through a series of arched windows. The Main Basilica soars above the church and is flanked by two lovely towers. The spectacular views of Turin and the surrounding countryside should not be missed.

Visit Parco Valentino

The Parco Valentina, which is situated on the banks of the River Po and has an area of 500,000 m2, is the second-largest public park in Turin. It was first established in 1856 and now serves as the city's first public garden. A spectacular botanical garden, the Valentino Castle, and a recreation of a medieval village are all located inside the park. In addition, there are numerous walkways and bicycle trails, wide meadows, and a wonderful walk by the river. Within the park's grounds, there are a number of excellent cafes and restaurants where you may get food or refreshments.

Checkout Porta Palatina

The Porta Palatina, one of the numerous Roman ruins that can still be seen in contemporary Turin, is the best-preserved Roman gateway from the first century. This massive gateway's original purpose was to provide entrance to the inner city through the former city walls that encircled ancient Turin. The doorway is flanked by two huge circular towers that have crenulations, and a part of the wall in the middle is lined with numerous little arches. The Porta Palatina's ruins, which are located in a lovely public park, are a fascinating piece of history.

Roam Around Piazza San Carlo

The Piazza San Carlo is a baroque-style square that was created during the 16th and 17th centuries as a monument to Charles Borromeo, a significant Cardinal, and Archbishop. The churches of Santa Cristina and San Carlo Borromeo are located on either side of the square, which is centered by a bronze monument of the Duke of Savoy. The square is surrounded by a collection of arches and marble-faced structures, which give it a lovely symmetry. This square is the ideal option if you're searching for a quiet location to have a meal or a cup of coffee because so many cafes and eateries are tucked under the arches.

Discover GAM Museum

The GAM (Gallery of Modern Art) is a fantastic location with a variety of exquisite exhibits and artwork, making it ideal for art aficionados. In fact, Turin was among the first towns to build a museum of contemporary art, and this particular institution was initially established in 1895. The collection is large and includes more than 5500 paintings, sculptures, installations, and drawings. Modigliani, Carra, Guttuso, Renoir, and Chagall are just a few of the contemporary painters included in this varied exhibition of modern art.

Juventus Musuem & Stadium

The Juventus Museum & Stadium is a magnificent work of engineering genius and is likely one of the most well-known football stadiums in the world. It is also the home of the most decorated Italian team. It may not be the largest with a 41,000 capacity, but it has a ton of charm and is a great place to watch sports. Daily tours of the stadium are offered, and a museum honoring the Juventus football team is also present. If you chance to be a football lover while visiting Turin, you should not pass up the opportunity to visit the legendary Juventus Football club's home.


What are the Best things to do in Turin?

The best things to see and do in Turin include:- Holy Turin Shroud (Sacra Sindone)- Turin Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale di Torino)- Square Castello- Museum of Egypt (Museo Egizio)- Antonelliana Mole

What are the best activities to Do in Turin with Family?

The fun things to do in Turin are:- Street Food Tour D'Luxe | Tastes of Turin - I Eat Food Tours & Events- The Magic Tour of Turin- Turin: 2-hour monolingual guided tour in small groups at the Egyptian Museum- Walking tour of Turin's underground- Tour the Holy Shroud Chapel, Armory, and Gardens without waiting in line at the Turin Royal Palace.

Is Turin worth visiting?

Yes. One of northern Italy's most prosperous old cities is Turin. This city, which is also known as Little Paris, has wide boulevards, historic palaces, and bustling coffee shops. It also has outstanding museums and delicious food (especially chocolate, a local specialty).

What are the best things to do in Turin at night?

Fun things to do in Turin at night include:- Admire the Royal Palace- Go to a museum- Grab a drink at a historic cafe- Explore the Civica Galleria d'Arte Moderna- On the roof of the Mole Antonelliana Building, admire the city lights.- Take a cruise on the Po River- Participate in one of the food tours- Visit the Superga Basilica - Wander Through Valentino Park at Night

How many days do you need in Turin Italy?

There are many top-notch museums in Turin. To see everything the city has to offer, including the collections at the Egyptian Museum, National Automobile Museum, National Cinema Museum, and Royal Palace, you'll need at least two days.

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What is there to do in Turin in the winter?

Things to do in Turin in the winter include:- Travel the Turkish Christmas markets - To get out of the weather, go to a museum or a royal palace- Find the classic Christmas tree- The luci d'artista installations are magical- Appreciate the decorated stores- Check out Spazio Adisco- Explore the big bunker market (Christmas edition)·
- At a cozy cafe, warm up with hot chocolate or bicerin.


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