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About Palazzo Madama Torino Tickets

Palazzo Madama Torino tickets will help you experience the beauty of the grand art collection at the Palazzo Madama which is a Civic Museum of Ancient Art. Visit the fantastic Museum of Ancient Art, where there are more than 70,000 works of craftwork. Look at the models of sculpture, fine paintings, ceramics, gold and silver, furnishings, decorated manuscripts, and more that date back to the Middle Ages via the Baroque era.

Palazzo Madama Torino tickets for the Museum of Ancient Art in Turin can help you visit four storeys of the museum's extensive exhibition. You can see more than 70,000 pieces on display, ranging from the Mediaeval age through the 18th century. Take time to admire sculptures, paintings, ceramics, porcelain pieces, beautiful tableware, decorated letters, furniture, textiles, ivories, and glasswork. You will surely be blown by the Palazzo Madama History.

Palazzo Madama History

At the start of the first century BC, the castle area was within the Roman barriers from which the Maximus of Augusta Taurinorum departed. Though it was restored, two buildings still authenticate to this earliest midpoint. Post-fall of the Western Roman Empire, the entrance was operated as a fortified citadel in the city's defences.

Soon after, the structure turned out to be a possession of the Savoia-Acaja, the second branch of the House of Savoy; during the earlier 14th century, they broadened it into a palace. One century later, Ludovico of Acaja reconstructed the palace in a square shape. The structure of this building is still distinctly recognizable from the rear area of the castle. After the end of the Acajas, the building evolved into a home for visitors of the home of Savoy.

In 1637, Christine of France (aunt of Louis XIV) picked it as her home. She authorised the exterior of the judiciary and a contraction of the internal apartments. Sixty years later, Marie Jeanne of Savoy lived in the castle. She consulted upon it definitively the moniker of Madama. Finally, during the 19th century, King Charles Albert chose it as the centre of the Pinacoteca Regia. Since 1934, it has been housed in the City Museum of Ancient Art.

Why Visit Palazzo Madama Torino

Palazzo Madama is an enormous historic structure that accommodates the Museo Civico d’Arte Antica collections, Turin’s municipal Museum of ancient art. One of the primary reasons to visit this place is to admire the extravagant architecture. Other than that, Palazzo Madama Torino tickets will help you learn about Palazzo Madama History, as well as the artwork it includes.

Your tour will cover four floors, taking you on an expedition in time: in the cellar, there is the Lapidario Medievale – the age-old stonework exhibition – with pebble sculptures and ornaments. You can go to the Mediaeval Garden, which is the source of nature and peace in the centre of Turin.

The bottom floor is predominantly dedicated to the fifteenth-century palace and the craftwork of the Middle Ages, including the Renaissance. The Baroque spaces in the first story include the craftwork of the 17th and 18th centuries, with illustrations and furnishings by Pifetti and Prunotto in luxuriously illustrated settings. Finally, in the second story, you can see the decorative arts of all generations: jewellery, fabrics, ceramics, ivories, glasswork, and much more.

Palazzo Madama Highlights

  • Enjoy a trip to the well-known Palazzo Madama Museum of Ancient Art, located in the centre of Turin, with Palazzo Madama Torino tickets.
  • Uncover a plethora of paintings on display, dispersed throughout the four floors of the Palazzo Madama museum.
  • Admire the 70,000 compositions from the Mediaeval period to the 18th century.Grab the possibility to glimpse at ornamental artworks such as ceramics, ivories, manuscripts, gold and silverware, glasswork, and porcelain.
  • Buy Palazzo Madama Torino tickets online to pay a guided visit to the Palazzo Madama.

Plan Your Visit

Opening Hours
How to Get There
Visitor's Tips

The castle is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 AM - 6 PM and on Thursday from 1 PM - 9 PM. It is closed on Tuesday and the office for Palazzo Madama Torino tickets is open until one hour before their closing time.

  • By car: You can visit the museum by car, but the museum doesn't have a car parking area; so you can park your car at public car parks nearby, which are reserved by law for disabled people.
  • By train: You can visit by train too as Palazzo Madama is around 2 km from Porta Nuova and Porta Susa railway stations.
  • By buses and trams: Buses and trams of Lines 4, 11, 12, 13, 18, 51, 55, 56, 61, and 68 can get you there.
  • Lockers for the luggage storage are there at the entry point.
  • You can find free printed maps at the ticketing desk for Palazzo Madama Torino tickets.
  • Photography for personal use is allowed (except in general exhibition spaces) without using tripods, flash, or camera extension poles.
  • No pictures may be distributed, reproduced, or sold without the permission of the museum.
  • There is free Wifi.
  • Admission to the Museum is complimentary for disabled individuals, adding one caregiver.
  • Wheelchairs are accessible for tourists and are free of cost. Motorised seats are allowed.
  • The gallery is distributed throughout the lower ground, first and second floors. In addition, one general lift delivers admission to all floors. The lift also comes with voice broadcasters and Braille indicators.
  • The Turin-Piemonte card gives you direct admission to the gallery.

  • The primary doorway of the gallery is available to wheelchairs. The door of the entrance gates is manual, with the entrances extending towards the exterior.

  • A portable lift on the ground floor exists to overcome some steps and access the Staffarda room.

  • The basement parking garages are open for a price in Piazza Castello, Via Pietro Micca, and Piazza San Carlo.

  • Direction boards throughout the Palazzo have been maximised for Braille users, including the lift numbering.

  • Free Wifi is accessible, which is praiseworthy.

  • Non-professional picture-clicking is permitted, though it is prohibited to operate the flash.

  • There are audio guides for visually impaired people, and you can book free guides beforehand.

  • You must pick up the booked tickets no later than 30 minutes before your chosen time slot. After this period, your bookings will be automatically cancelled. You will lose the right to claim the tickets.


What's the best way to see Palazzo Madama?

The best way to see Palazzo Madama is by booking your tickets well in advance so that you do not need to wait in line when there is a rush for entry at the entrance. Booking tickets in advance keeps you tension-free before your trip and you can enjoy yourself at your best with your family.

What is in the Palazzo Madama?

Palazzo Madama is an enormous historic structure that now houses all the collections of the Museo Civico d'Arte Antica, which is Turin's municipal museum of ancient art. There are plenty of artworks to admire when you are in the gallery of the museum.

How do I get tickets to Palazzo Madama?

Palazzo Madama Turin Tickets are available online and you can book them at least 10 days before your visit. For teens below 18 the entry is free of cost.

Can I visit the Palazzo Madama with the kids?

Yes, you can visit this museum with your kids as your children can learn a lot from the history of Palazzo Madama and get to know a lot about the existence of this architectural marvel.

Why is Palazzo Madama popular?

The Palazzo Madama highlights the Turin City Museum of Ancient Art. It features a large collection of paintings, statues, church ornaments, and porcelain pieces, which is one of the primary reasons behind its popularity.

What is the best time to visit Palazzo Madama?

The best time to visit the Palazzo Madama is during the early hours as the place is not busier during this time. As the place is less crowded you can stroll at your own pace and admire the beautiful collection.

How long does it take to visit Palazzo Madama?

It takes around 2 to 3 hours to fully explore the Palazzo Madama as you admire the collection of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.


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