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Come to the Juventus Museum to learn about the club's past achievements. Your experience will be unique and memorable thanks to technologies, artifacts, and an atmosphere unlike any other. A 3-hour guided tour of the Juventus Stadium in Torino will take you behind the scenes of the stadium. At the on-site museum, learn about the history of Juventus Football Club, one of Italy's premier football clubs. Then, emulate great players like Fabio Cannavaro and Alessandro Del Piero by peeking into the players' locker rooms, touring the media spaces, and visiting the exclusive manager's areas. Private shuttles and hotel pickups are included in your tour.

Juventus Museum Highlights

Juventus Museum Highlights
  • More than 4,000 parking places are available at the stadium for those who intend to arrive by car.
  • On the Juventus website, Juventus Museum tickets can generally be reserved two to four weeks prior to the game; another, more flexible option is to use online ticket exchange websites.
  • Families can visit Juventus Stadium, which offers stroller storage areas and special pricing for families.
  • The stadium is renowned for its environmentally friendly ethos because it was built using recycled materials from the previous stadium and has solar panels and other green elements.

About Juventus Stadium, Turin

About Juventus Stadium, Turin

During a game, Juventus Stadium is reported to glow with electricity. Given that it was constructed on the site of the Stadio delle Alpi, the former home of Juventus and Torino, this is typically attributed to the history of football acquired over time.

The structure of the stands, which favors the fans, is how Juventus outperforms its predecessor; 41,000 spectators can now be seated for a game with noticeably enhanced sightlines. Italian football, which has been aiming to boost stadium attendance for some while, benefits greatly from the sound and acoustics, which breathe new life into the sport and create an atmosphere of rising euphoria.

The Area12 Shopping Center, which features a variety of stores and eateries as well as an official Juventus Megastore where fans can shop for hundreds of themed items and even customize their own jerseys, is located at Juventus Stadium. You may pre-order tickets for the Juventus Museum as well as packages that include both a museum tour and a stadium tour online.

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Timings and Location
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Timings and Location

Juventus Museum Timings : 10:30 am - 06:30 pmOpen every day except on Tuesday and Christmas. (Though hours can vary seasonally and due to game schedules.) On days when there are no games, visitors can take tours of the museum and stadium.

Location : Corso Gaetano Scirea, 50, Torino, Italy, TurinBest Time to Visit: 12:00 pm - 03:00 pm


Why Juventus Museum is famous?

    The Juventus Museum is well-known for being devoted to one of Italy's most successful clubs and the team that has won the most Italian League titles overall.

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